Protecting Working New Yorkers



When Washington promotes corporate welfare, deregulation, and undermines labor, New York’s working people need representatives willing and able fight for them. There is perhaps no office where this is more vital than that of the New York Attorney General’s Office, the person charged with ensuring that justice applies equally to everyone.


As Public Advocate, I have always stood up for workers: demanding fair contracts, battling privatization, pushing for paid leave, championing the right to organize, and calling out corporations and agencies that wrong their workers. I passed landmark equal pay legislation banning companies from asking about salary history. I investigated dangerous construction fraud, led the way on making nail salons safer for low-wage immigrant workers, fought for more accountability for workplace sexual harassment, introduced legislation that would shine a light on forced arbitration clauses, and exposed wage theft in the car wash industry.


As Attorney General, I will:

  • Use the tools of the office to bring industry-changing actions against companies that violate their workers’ rights;

  • Create an Arbitration Review Team to act on complaints by workers who have been barred from bringing their own actions because of arbitration clauses in contracts they were made to sign as a condition of employment;

  • Fight and expose abuses in the workplace by taking on sexual harassment, enforcing equal pay laws, fighting gender wage discrimination, and defending immigrant workers’ rights.

  • Ramp up criminal enforcement of the labor laws; and,

  • Defend workers from corporate theft by taking on wage theft, aggressively policing wage violations on public contracts, investigating worker misclassification, and pushing for legislation that will hold predatory businesses accountable


Read my full plan to fight on behalf of New York’s workers as Attorney General.