To Combat Trump’s Attacks on Immigrants, Attorney General Candidate Tish James Releases Plan to Protect New York Immigrants

NEW YORK -- With Donald Trump’s continued attacks on immigrants, Attorney General candidate Tish James today released a policy brief outlining how she will use the Attorney General’s Office to protect immigrant communities in New York. In addition to challenging Trump’s harmful policies with legal action, Tish James will investigate companies profiting off of these policies and stand up to bad actors who defraud immigrant New Yorkers.

Attorney General Candidate Tish James Releases Five Years of Tax Returns

NEW YORK -- Attorney General Candidate Tish James today publicly released her federal and state income tax returns for the last five years, providing the press and the public transparency into her finances. Allowing such access to a statewide candidate’s financial information comes after candidate Donald Trump refused to release any tax returns during the 2016 presidential election, and as he continues to evade the public’s call for oversight into his finances. Such transparency is necessary to address concerns about potential conflicts of interest and sources of income.