Tish James Releases Plan to Investigate Polluters that Collude with the Trump Administration and Defend New York’s Environment

Attorney General Candidate Tish James today outlined how she will defend against the Trump Administration’s efforts to undermine environmental regulations, stand up to polluters, and champion environmental justice in the Empire State. As Attorney General she will:

  • Sue the Trump Administration and neighboring states to keep our air clean;

  • Investigate and prosecute polluters who defraud and mislead investors or collude with the Trump Administration;

  • Fight to keep water supplies clean and hold polluters responsible;

  • Take legal action to protect the Hudson River, prevent dumping in the Long Island Sound, and stop the EPA from gutting the Clean Water Act;

  • Sue to stop toxic products from harming New Yorkers and investigate ties between producers and Trump Administration officials;

  • Stand up to illegal dumpers, taking legal action to punish those responsible, fight for restitution, and work to revoke bad actors’ carting licenses;

  • Advance legislation and take legal action to ban fracking infrastructure in New York;

  • Lead the fight to fully divest New York from fossil fuels;

  • Investigate and take legal action to stop environmental injustices that exacerbate racial disparities in asthma rates, lead poisoning, and other illnesses.

To Combat Trump’s Attacks on Immigrants, Attorney General Candidate Tish James Releases Plan to Protect New York Immigrants

NEW YORK -- With Donald Trump’s continued attacks on immigrants, Attorney General candidate Tish James today released a policy brief outlining how she will use the Attorney General’s Office to protect immigrant communities in New York. In addition to challenging Trump’s harmful policies with legal action, Tish James will investigate companies profiting off of these policies and stand up to bad actors who defraud immigrant New Yorkers.