Two Weeks After Publicly Releasing Her Tax Returns, Tish James Blasts Opponents for Refusing to Release Theirs Publicly

Tish James Publicly Released Five Years of Federal and State Tax Returns Two Weeks Ago, Called on Opponents to do the Same

NEW YORK -- Two weeks after Attorney General Candidate Tish James publicly released five years of her federal and state tax returns -- posting a 92 page PDF to her website and on Twitter -- and called on her opponents to do the same, the three other Democratic Attorney General candidates continue to fail this basic test of transparency.

To date, Zephyr Teachout, Sean Patrick Maloney, and Leecia Eve have refused to release five years of their tax returns to the public. This is despite the Teachout Campaign telling the New York Daily News on August 9th that “...Teachout would release her tax returns in the coming days” and both Ms. Teachout and Mr. Maloney committing to release their tax returns at a Gotham Gazette/Manhattan Neighborhood Network debate earlier this week (video here).

In response to her opponents’ refusal to publicly release their tax returns, Attorney General Candidate Tish James released the following statement:

“My opponents have not just failed to release their tax returns -- they’ve promised to do so, but have remained silent. New Yorkers deserve better. This is about transparency. It’s about openness. It’s about accountability.

“But this isn’t just about New York State or the Attorney General’s race, this is about Donald Trump. New Yorkers are electing an Attorney General who will have to stand up to Trump -- but how can you do that if you hide behind the same opaque excuses he uses?

“Unlike Donald Trump, I don’t need to keep secrets. My tax returns are out in the open for anyone to see. New Yorkers are waiting -- and watching.”