Attorney General Candidate Letitia “Tish” James Statement on Trump's Proposed New Rules for Immigrants

NEW YORK -- In response to the Trump Administration’s proposed new rules to penalize families who are legally present in the U.S. for accessing basic life saving benefits to which they are entitled such as food assistance, health insurance and housing by preventing them from obtaining a visa or legal residency, Attorney General Candidate Letitia “Tish” James released the following statement:

"These proposed guidelines are the product of the Trump Administration's hateful and false narrative that immigrants are a drain on the country -- and must be opposed by every person of conscience. These immigrant families are already among our most vulnerable and if this plan is approved, it will push them deeper into poverty and hiding. As Attorney General, I will fight the Trump Administration every step of the way on these new rules and will use the legal might of the office to stop their implementation.”